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How to Play Hip Hip Array

How to Play Matching Game

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How to Play Hip Hip Array

  1. Goal: To earn points by completing multiplication sentences and filling in rectangular arrays on the board. They player with the highest score wins!
  2. To Begin: Enter your name and select your color on the Welcome Screen. Then click “Play”
  3. The computer generates numbers for the first hand and selects who will go first.
  4. The first player selects the multiplication sentence to draw on the board by clicking on the flashing answer space he or she wishes to play.
  5. Then the player enters the answer to the multiplication problem on the keypad.
  6. Click ‘Play’ to record your answer.
  7. Now the player can draw a square or rectangle on the board that illustrates the multiplication sentence. For example for 3x4, the player would draw three rows and four columns and fill in all the squares in the middle.
  8. Next the player enters new numbers for his or her next turn.
  9. Now play passes to the other player.
  10. If a player enters an incorrect answer or makes a mistake drawing the correct array on the board, the computer will send a quick error message and the player can try again.
  11. If a player cannot play either of the multiplication sentences, he or she can click “New Numbers” to select new number expressions to play. The catch? The player must skip a turn.
  12. Players continue taking turns until all of the squares have been filled in.

How to Play the Matching Game

  1. Click on two squares. If they match you win! If not try again.
  2. Try to find a pattern in the table that will help you.